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Improving PayMongo’s Payouts Dashboard

Product Designer
PayMongo (YC S19)
1.5 months
Improving PayMongo’s Payouts Dashboard

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To address user pain points on our payouts experience, I led the design revamp of our Payouts dashboard leading to an increase in customer satisfaction, reduction of customer complaints, and highly usable designs.

The problem and its impact

Merchants are confused about our terms and overall messaging.

According to reports from UX and CX research, Customer Support, Growth, and other partners, many of our merchants are confused about how we convey payout information on our dashboard—specifically, when and how much money will be paid out to them.

Old Payouts dashboard
Merchants are confused about how we use terms like "eligibility,” “payout date,” “payout status,” and the overall payout process. Most of our complaints about payouts have something to do with this.

This confusion in payout information on the PayMongo dashboard limits our merchants’ ability to successfully plan their finances and make smart business decisions. Accurate and timely payout information is critical for merchants because it allows them to know when and how much money will be transferred into their bank account. This information is critical for managing their financial resources, such as paying orders to suppliers and ensuring their business runs smoothly.

Solving the problem

We need to prioritize payout information on important touch points and provide data as close as possible to the actual deposit amount and date. This will help increase transparency and improve the overall user experience for merchants. We also have an opportunity to better support other activities that merchants use payout data for beyond financial planning, which can enhance its value proposition and meet the needs of its merchants.

We should also focus on making payout information clearer and more visible on its dashboard.

This can be achieved through a redesign of the interface or by adding additional information and resources.

Providing clear explanations of fees or charges associated with payouts can reduce confusion and increase trust. We can also offer supportive resources and tools to enable merchants to monitor their payouts and track financial performance, such as detailed reports and real-time updates. This payout experience can improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase merchant loyalty.


  • Increased customer satisfaction. The majority of the merchants surveyed said that the revamp made their payout experience better and more helpful to their business.
  • Reduced customer complaints. A downward trend of complaints regarding the confusion on the dashboard.
  • Highly usable. The usability test reported few critical usability issues and most tasks can be done easily by participants.

The improved Payouts dashboard

Current Payouts dashboard

From the UX research

Users appreciate that they can see information at a glance.
...easier to trace transactions using the new design because it has more details.

My role

I worked with our UI designer to design the interface, and UX researcher to test our designs. As a Product Designer, my focus was on designing the UX and executing our product strategy with our Product Manager.

❤️ Shoutout to Regine, Jenni, and the Disbursements team for making this project a success