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40% revenue increase by redesigning a global checkout

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Cambridge University Press
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40% revenue increase by redesigning a global checkout

Context and main problem

The Press is delivering a number of different checkout experiences to its customers even if it is using the same backend platform making it difficult to develop a consistent user experience across its products and services. Thus, there is an opportunity to centralize the creation of user experience by making a global checkout used by all business functions of the Press.

Top customer pain points:

  • Confusing and long user journey across discovery, purchase, and delivery.
  • Unsecured feeling or the lack of trust when paying and giving information.
  • Unclear information (e.g. pricing, book details).
  • Not mobile-friendly.
  • Limited payment options.
  • No order tracking.
Screenshot of a previous ecommerce review document
E-commerce review report


All of the amazing results below were made possible because of the great collaboration by the design and development team (Team Pacman):

  • 40% sales increase (Aug-Sep 2018 vs Aug-Sep 2019).
  • 90% increase in checkout response time (end-to-end journey from 2 mins to 6.67 secs).
  • 34% decrease in cart dropout rate.
  • 5% increase in conversion rate.
  • 83% increase in web accessibility improvement.
  • 171,000 more users from search engine (Jun-Jul 2018 vs Jun-Jul 2019).
  • £149,625 paid orders from May—Jul 2019.
  • 85% solved usability issues.

Sources: Head of Software Development (2019), Software Development Team Lead (2019), and me as the UX Team Lead (2019).

Approaching the project

In a blog post, I shared the story behind the project and my learnings from being a newly-transitioned UX designer in a "war room." Read more.

Photo of Cedric and the team while brainstorming
Design and development team