A photo of me in La Union, Philippines, where my background was sunset in the sea.

I'm a UX Manager at Peddlr, one of Forbes Asia's rising startups in the Asia Pacific, and we're building a digital infrastructure for Philippine MSMEs, integrating financial, digital, and physical supply chains to unlock more opportunities.

I'm also a mentor at UX+ University, a bootstrapped and no-code ed-tech startup that has helped students land jobs at YC startups and fast-growing orgs.
Passionate for learning, Iā€™m completing my master's thesis on the role of affordances in knowledge sharing and Design Thinking in orgs by examining enterprise social media (ESM) platforms.
I do freelance work sometimes. My last project was doing a UX research for a YC startup for product-market fit validation and advising on UX improvements.

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Before Peddlr, I was a Product Designer and UX Researcher at PayMongo (YC S19), building a financial operating system for Philippine businesses.

I also led a UX Team at Cambridge University Press, where I started as a UX and UI designer all the way to leadership. I was awarded for customer-centricity and became an internal TEDx speaker who spoke about the value of UX in Agile.

I have a background in Graphic Design and Illustration since my undergrad was in Multimedia Arts, and has worked with several clients. During this stint, I had several awards, features, and participations in exhibits.